Is It a Training Problem?

Major Concept:

Let's begin by asking the question, why train?  Why should any organization spend money on trainers, training, and all those classrooms and Internet connections? Why?

While a number of reasons could be offered, there is only one reason why any organization should spend money on training.  And that reason is,

to reduce error in the workplace.

Major Concept:

When people make mistakes (errors) in the workplace they either:

1. Ruin costly raw materials, (a quality issue)
2. Hurt themselves or others, (a safety issue)
3. Or Both!
If enough mistakes (errors) are made within an organization, then the Health of the Organization is reduced and ultimately the organization's performance, productivity and profitability are reduced.

Major Concept:


training is a strategy for reducing error in the workplace!

But is training always the best solution? NO!

You should first consider one or more of the following alternatives to training before implementing a training solution.

Feedback - As any performance consultant will tell you, feedback is often the first thing they look for when diagnosing a performance problems. Without feedback people cannot gauge how they are doing and therefore become frustrated with their jobs, their superiors and the organization.

Job Aids - Does anyone memorize the phone book? Of course not! To find someone's phone number you use a phone book or call directory assistance. Directories, operating manuals, checklists, and "cheat sheets" are all example of job aids.

Reward Systems - It has been said that, "It's hard to get people excited about making money for someone else." Because people always want to know, "What's in it for me." Reward systems are a powerful tool for motivating people to reduce errors and perform well in the workplace.

Employee Selection - Selecting the best employee for a given job is perhaps the most important action any organization can take to reduce error and promote high productivity in the workplace.

Organization Redesign - The structure of an organization has a tremendous affect the performance of people. Keep in mind that the organizational structure that works in one department or division may not work in another department or division.

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