When Should You Train?

Major Concept:

 Here is the Bottom Line...

 You should only use training as a problem solving strategy
When People Don't Know How to Do a Job or Task.

Major Concept:

When you have a Performance Problem (people aren't doing what they should be doing) you can do one of two things.

1. You can change the person: (pursue a training solution) 


2. You can change the environment: (pursue an organization development solution).

Major Concept:

To help you you decide which course of action (or combination of actions) you should take, first consider the work of :

Thomas Gilbert's Performance Matrix and/or Mager and Pipe's Performance Analysis Model.

TIP: Mager and Pipe suggest a quick and dirty way to determine if you have a performance problem that can be fixed using a training as a solution strategy. 

Ask the person who is having trouble the following question.

"If your life depended upon it, 
could you perform this task or activity?"

If the person say YES then you don't have a problem that can be solved by additional training. You are going to have to find an environmental solution.

On the other hand, if the person say NO, then you can use training to solve the problem. Keep in mind that even after the person is trained there may still be environmental factors that may deter his or her performance.

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