Conducting a Needs Assessment

Major Concept:

 A Needs Assessment...

 Identifies and prioritizes gaps (what is versus what should be) in performance.

While a Needs Analysis...

Defines the cause of the gap.

Major Concept:

The Needs assessment plan...

1. Determine and define the Objectives of the Assessment. (What do you want to know?)
2. Identify the Target Audience. (From whom are going to collect information and data?)
3. Establish a Sampling Procedure. (How are you going to select a  group of individuals that will represent your target population?)
4. Data Collection Methods. (How do you plan to collect data?)
5. Instruments and Techniques. (What instruments and techniques will you use to collect data.)
6. Data Analysis. (How will you analyze the data?)
7. Make Decisions. (What and how will decisions be made?)

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