Assessing Learners

Major Concept:

Learner Assessment...

Is the process of identifying and quantifying those learner characteristics and attributes that may have an influence upon the teaching and learning process.

Major Concept:

Learner characteristics can include:

  • Existing Skills, Knowledge and Attitudes
  • Demographic characteristics (age, race, and gender)
  • Physiological characteristics (general physical condition)
  • Aptitudes and Talents
  • Prior Experience
  • Learning Style
  • Attitudinal characteristics
  • Geographical location
  • Current job category or position
  • Value system
  • Life / Career stage
Major Concept:

There are several major schools of thought which impact how we think about and assess learners. Some of these major "schools of thought" include: Behaviorism, Cognitivism and Constructivism. 

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